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Serving: Muskoka, Orillia and Surrounding Areas

Rosemary King, Broker of Record

Phone: 705-641-1597
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Picture this… it’s the 1960’s and I’m sitting in the back seat of my parent’s Ford Galaxy 500. It seems we are driving aimlessly down the streets of Toronto. I only know we have been in the car for what seems like hours. My Mom yells… “look, there’s a for sale sign!”, the car screeches to a halt… and so began my fascination with real estate.

My Mom and Dad were realtors and I remember them trying to get deals signed before midnight Saturday nights because back then no legal document could be signed on a Sunday. The dining room table was their office so I overheard their conversations… “they love this house but they don’t have a down payment, let’s see how we can make this happen anyway”. I’m pretty sure they invented the no money down purchase.

It took me years before I could follow my dream to become a realtor. With support from my family, I completed the courses, became registered and 15 years later here I am, doing what I love. Let me help you realize your dream by sharing my love of real estate along with care, due diligence, knowledge and experience that will guide you through your successful sale or purchase.


Participation in local issues and initiatives is essential to the personal and professional development of the Shannon & King team. Rosemary has been an elected municipal Councillor which gained her extensive knowledge of planning and building requirements, local by-laws and waterfront regulations which all benefit in the representation of her clients. Rosemary was also elected a School Board Trustee for 2 terms, was a BIA Chair, a participant in a federal Women in Business Task Force and currently serves as a member of the Election Audit Committee for the District of Muskoka.

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